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MLS & US Soccer- Offseason LIVE Stream

December 30, 2020 the i80 Sports Team
i80 Sports
MLS & US Soccer- Offseason LIVE Stream
Show Notes

Bob and Alex are reaching out to the US Soccer community in our first LIVE stream of the 2020-2021 offseason!

Like out namesake highway, i80 Sports is a dedicated network focused on coast to coast American sports.  We release weekly content for each sport AND host a weekly Sunday morning livestream on YouTube, Facebook Live, and Periscope (Twitter).  We take questions, comments, and even phone calls!

i80 Sports is a network with an entertaining cast of characters covering breaking news, current events, fantasy, and Sports Book picks.  Our current teams include NFL, MLS, College Football, and NHL. 

Join us, grab a drink, and come talk sports. You can find all our audio and video platforms via one easy to use link- 

Weekly Schedule-
Sunday Morning 🎙 
          Rest Stop LiveStream (11:30AM ET)
Monday 🏒 
          NHL & US Hockey
Tuesday 🏆 
          NFL & Fantasy
Wednesday ⚽️ 
          MLS & US Soccer
Thursday 🏈 
          College Football

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